My Game Shows, M-P

MAD LIBS-David Sidoni: Eight episodes from 1998 [all OB]:

  • The first two episodes [234.1-2]
  • An episode where the game ends in a tie
  • Three general episodes [297.7, 297.13, 297.15]
  • Halloween episode
  • Christmas episode

    THE MAGNIFICENT MARBLE MACHINE-Art James: The 4th episode from 1975; guests are Florence Henderson and Roddy McDowall [SM/D100.4]

    MAJORITY RULES-Marc Summers & Arthel Neville: Seven episodes from 1996:

  • The first taped episode [SM]
  • An episode w/a "challenge" elimination round format [OC/299.3]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/big winner Scott Rose [both OB]
  • A general episode [SM]
  • An episode from "70s Week" (w/a "one-on-one" elimination round format); Jimmie Walker makes an appearance! [OC/299.1]
  • An episode w/a "buzz-in" elimination round format [OC/299.2]

    Robert Q. Lewis:

  • The last episode from 1958; comedians are Louis Nye, Orson, Bean, and Jack Carter (Ernie Kovacs also makes an appearance) [OC]
    Bobby Van: Fifteen episodes from 1979 [all USA]:
  • The aired pilot(?); comedians are Johnny Dark, Bill Kirchenbauer, and Roger & Roger [301.7]
  • Comedians are Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, and Roger & Roger; guest is *Bert Convy* [D120.3]
  • An episode from the same week as above; guest is Jonelle Allen [109.5]
  • An episode from the same week as above two; guest is Elvin Bishop
  • Comedians are Steve Turner, Bruce Baum, and Franklin Ajaye; guest is JoAnn Pflug [D120.4]
  • Comedians are Steve Bluestein, Bruce Baum, and Bob Saget; guest is Peter Barton [82.2]
  • Another episode from the same week as above; guest is Mary MacGregor [82.3]
  • Another episode from the same week as above two; guest is Tiny Tim [109.6]
  • Comedians are Roger & Roger, Joe Recido, and Mike Binder; guest is Jaye P. Morgan [1049.5]
  • Comedians are The Unknown Comic, Gary Mule Deer, and Kip Addotta; guest is Dody Goodman [1049.6]
  • Comedians are Biff Manard, The Unknown Comic, and Bill Kirchenbauer; guest is Mary Crosby (Bobby's dad is in the audience!) [269.1]
  • Another episode from same week as above; guest is Debralee Scott [269.2]
  • Comedians are Mike Bynder, Vic Dunlop, and Howie Mandel; guest is Marla Gibbs [777.6]
  • Comedians are The Unknown Comic, Bruce Baum, and Argus Hamilton; guest is Patrick Wayne [407.13]
  • Comedians are Lenny Schultz, Kip Addotta, and Roger & Roger; guest is Rose Marie [407.14]
    Ken Ober: Seven episodes from 1997 [all OC]:
  • The premiere episode; guests are Jonathan Katz, Wendy Liebman, and Greg Behrendt [D125.3]
  • Guests are Chuck Booms, Bruce Baum, and Dave Pierre [D127.1]
  • Guests are Vince Valenzuela, Bill Fox, and Kevin Brennan [D127.2]
  • Guests are Sue Kolinski, Jon Manfrellotti, and Frank Coniff (end credits missing) [D127.3]
  • Guests are K.P. Anderson, Avi Liberman, and Craig Anton [D127.4]
  • Guests are George Lopez, Marty Putz, and *Ron Pearson* (end credits missing) [405.9]
  • Guests are Mark Cohen (ironic, huh?), Steve White, and Heath Hyche [OB/720.8]
    Mark Cohen: Nine episodes from 1998 [all RPT]:
  • His first episode (it's a special New Year's Eve show!); guests are Mark Pitta, Marc Weiner, and Bill Fox [352.10]
  • Guests are Brian Haley, Stephanie Wilder, and *Ron Pearson* [384.11]
  • Guests are Danny Vermont, Stephanie Wilder, and The Wid [333.6]
  • Guests are *Jimmy Pardo*, Joel Lindley, and Tommy Chun [SM/1038.4]
  • Guests are Carlos Alazraqui, Bill Dwyer, and Ed Crasnick [333.7]
  • Guests are Gabriel Iglesias, The Wid & Lenny Schultz, and Larry "Bubbles" Brown [347.1]
  • Guests are Carlos Alazraqui, Ludo Vika, and Jeff Rothpan [347.2]
  • Guests are Roger Kabler, Larry "Bubbles" Brown, and David Feldman [347.3]
  • Guests are Pablo Francisco, T.P. Hearn, and Jeff Hendrick [347.4]

    MAKE THAT SPARE-Johnny Johnston: Two episodes from 1960 (15 min. each) [both KIN]

    MAKE THE CONNECTION-Gene Rayburn: Four episodes from 1955 [all GSN]:

  • His first episode (and GS debut!); panel is Betty White (BW), Gene Klavin (GK), Gloria DeHaven, and Eddie Bracken (EB) [430.1, also BZR]
  • Panel is BW, GK, Laraine Day, and EB [430.2]
  • Panel is BW, GK, Gloria DeHaven, and EB (Chimp J. Fred Muggs appears in game 2, and everything goes wrong!) [340.9]
  • The last episode; panel is BW, GK, Barbara Britton, and EB

    Lew Schneider:

  • One of the first taped episodes from 1989 [GAS]
  • A 1989 episode w/"MtG Mall Tour" clips at the end [GAS/711.7]
  • Five general 1989 episodes (4 full, one partial) [4 OB/212.5-6; 265.14, 1 GAS/554.8]
  • A 1989 episode w/a GS-themed "Honors Round" [GAS]
  • A 1989 episode where NO Fire Drills are found! [GAS/950.10]
  • A 1990 episode w/the rare "University Round" at the end [OB/265.15]
  • A general 1990 episode [GAS/835.4]
  • A 1990 episode that's actually 2 shows edited together due to both games ending early [GAS/554.9]
    Robb Edward Morris: Seven episodes from 1990
  • An episode where NO Fire Drills are found! [GAS]
  • An episode that's actually 2 shows edited together due to both games ending early [GAS]
  • Three general episodes [2 OB/266.1-2, 1 GAS/899.2]
  • An episode w/the longest Fire Drill in the show's history! [GAS/749.4]

    MAKING THE GRADE (Indiana HS quiz)-Matt Wintz: One episode from 2011 [OB]

    MALL MASTERS-Chris Harrison: Five episodes from 2001:

  • The premiere episode [OB/600.1, also SM/622.1]
  • Three general episodes [all OC/559.7, 613.5]
  • An episode w/a near-shutout in the bonus round [OC]

    Peter Donald:
    Two episodes from 1955 [both OC]:

  • Panel is Bobby Sherwood, Mary Healy, Ogden Nash, and Ilka Chase (*George DeWitt* is a guest!)
  • Panel is Bobby Sherwood, Dagmar, Ogden Nash, and Ilka Chase
    Eddie Bracken:
  • One episode from 1956; panel is Frank Parker, Betsy Palmer, Johnny Johnson, and Ilka Chase [OC]
    Bert Parks:
  • One episode from 1959; panel is Sam Levenson, Audrey Meadows, Lee Bowman, and Dagmar [OC]
    Richard Dawson:
  • One episode from 1974; panel is Bill Bixby, Lee Meriwether, and Nipsey Russell (*Allen Ludden* is a guest!) [SM]

    MASTER MINDS-Brooke Burns:
    The 2020 premiere episode; experts are Ken Jennings, Muffy Marracco, and Jonathan Corbblah [OC]

  • 2020; guests are Ken Jennings, Muffy Maracco, and Jonathan Corbblah [OC]
  • 2020; guests are LaKedra Pam, Muffy Marracco, and Arianna Haut [OC]
  • 2020; guests are Ryan Chaffee, Muffy Maracco, and Jonathan Corbblah (All 3 contestants previously appeared on "J!") [OC]

    J.D. Roth:

  • The aired pilot (w/a different scoring system; end credits missing) [OB]
  • Two general 1994 episodes [1 RPT/285.1, 1 OC/730.3]
    Mario Lopez:
  • One episode from 1995 [SM/285.2]

    (THE) MATCH GAME: See separate page for listings.


  • The 1983 premiere episode; guests are Skip Stephenson, Alison Arngrim, Jimmie Walker, Twyla Littleton, Phil Proctor, Tom Villard, Barbi Benton, and Bill Daily (most of end credits missing; former "Card Sharks" champ Laurie Ghose is a contestant) [OC]
  • The 4th episode (w/same guests as above; future "Super Password" champ Gary Perez is a contestant!) [OC, also BZR]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1983; guests are Bonnie Urseth, Fred Travalena, Nedra Volz, Eddie Mekka, Arsenio Hall, Ed Begley Jr, Shannon Tweed, and Charles Nelson Reilly [all OC/914.7; 914.9-10, also have BZR copy of ep. 1]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1983; guests are Brian Mitchell, Lydia Cornell, Paul Provenza, Edie McClurg, Jamie Widdoes, Gloria Loring, Richard Kline, and Marty Cohen (Blase DeRoco becomes the first-ever $30,000 Super Match winner, and does it TWO days in a row!) [both BZR]
  • Pre-Thanksgiving 1983 episode; guests are Matt McCoy, Tom Poston, Leonard Frey, Lois Bromfield, Alison Arngrim, Tim Reid, Rebecca Holden, and Jim Brogan [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Audrey Landers, Fred Travalena, Markie Post, Arsenio Hall, Nedra Volz, Shawn Stevens, Jim Staahl, and Blake Clark (former champ Laurie Ghose returns due to an error) [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Charles Siebert, Fred Grandy, Edie McClurg, Jay Leno, Karen Witter, Martha Smith, Michael Winslow, and McClean Stevenson (Gene chats w/a group of teenage beauty queens in the audience) [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Kim Miyori, *Bill Rafferty*, Marcia Wallace, Bruce Baum, Willie Tyler & Lester, Vicki McCarty, Alfie Wise, and Stan Freberg (Johnny Olson announces) [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Leonard Frey, Victoria Hallman, JM J. Bullock, Marty Cohen, Nedra Volz, Tom Poston, Judy Landers, and Jimmie Walker (Includes the third $30,000 Super Match win!) [BZR]
  • Christmas 1983 episode (w/same guests as above, and everyone participates in a ceremonial "Christmas tree" unveiling at the begninning!) [BZR]
  • A "Leave It to Beaver Tribute" from 1983; guests are Gallagher, Richard Deacon, Ken Osmond, Jeri Weil, Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, Frank Bank, and Rich Correll [OB/D62.3, also BZR, w/better quality]
  • 1984; guests are Dorothy Lyman, Dick Martin, Arsenio Hall, Alsion Arngrim, Vic Dunlop, *David Ruprecht*, Nathan Cook, and Christie Claridge (then-unknown Butch Hartman is a contestant!) [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Anson Williams, Leonard Frey, Sybil Danning, Phil Proctor, Jenilee Harrison, Mark Russell, Mary Page Keller, and Pat McCormick (Includes the fourth $30,000 Super Match win!) [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are *Bill Cullen*, Phyllis Diller, Richard Kline, Ellen Bry, Lyle Waggoner, Brian Mitchell, Linda Dano, and Jay Leno [BZR]
  • Another 1984 episode w/same guests as above (Johnny Olson announces, and the board malfunctions during HS, forcing the celebs to make Xs or Os w/their arms!) [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode from "We Got it Made Week"; guests are Gary Burghoff, Teri Copley, Matt McCoy, Bonnie Urseth, Tom Villard, David Oliver, Leah Ayres, and Nedra Volz [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Fern Fitzgerald, Tom Poston, Constance McCashin, Marty Cohen, Alan Thicke, Stephen Schnetzer, Gloria Loring, and Nipsey Russell [OC/721.1, which is missing part of opening, also BZR, which is complete]
  • 1984; guests are Helen Reddy, *Pat Sajak*, Larry Manetti, Marcia Wallace, Charles Nelson Reilly, Tim Reid, Salli Julian, and Bruce Baum [OC/721.2, which is JIP at round 2 of MG, also BZR, w/better video quality and complete]
  • 1984; guests are Richard Kline, Bill Daily, Leonard Frey, Nancy Stafford, George Gobel, Tom Wiggin, Elaine Joyce, and Jimmie Walker (The Telephone Match home game begins, w/hilarious results!) [OC/729.3]
  • Two other 1984 episode w/same guests as above (one includes the fifth $30,000 Super Match win!) [1 OB, 1 BZR]
  • "A Salute to Too Close for Comfort" from 1984; guests are Ted Knight, Nancy Dussault, Lydia Cornell, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, JM J. Bullock, Elyse Knight, Arsenio Hall, and Bart Braverman [SM]
  • 1984; guests are *Bob Eubanks*, Martha Smith, Christopher Rich, Charles Nelson Reilly, Fred Travalena, James Sloyan, Erin Moran, and Nancy Frangione (Johnny Olson announces; most of end credits missing) [OC/913.10]
  • 1984; guests are Rene Enriquez, Richard Kline, Abby Dalton, Phyllis Diller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Chuck Wagner, Lydia Cornell, and Leonard Frey [OB]
  • An "NBC Soap Stars Special" from 1984; guests are Leann Hunley, Deidre Hall, Wayne Northrop, Marcia McCabe, David Forsyth, John DeLancie, Nancy Frangione, and Christopher Rich [OB/D99.2]
  • "A Salute to the 50s" from 1984; guests are Jay Leno, Fabian, Troy Donahue, Elinor Donahue, Angela Cartwright, Bob Denver, Edd Byrnes, and David Nelson (Rich Jeffries announces) [OC/1049.3]
  • 1984; guests are Erin Moran, Lauri Hendler, Michael Winslow, Nedra Volz, David L. Lander, Mindy Cohn, Eddie Mekka, and Lynda Goodfriend [OB/D11.4]
  • 1984; guests are Jamie Farr, Heidi Bohay, Linda Dano, McLean Stevenson, Arsenio Hall, Paula Kelly, *Chuck Woolery*, and Arlene Francis (Ends w/a promo for "Scrabble"!) [OB/D41.4]
  • The (unacknowledged) last episode from 1984; guests are Phyllis Diller, Constance McCashin, Roger E. Mosley, Charles Nelson Reilly, Fannie Flagg, Roxie Roker, Leonard Frey, and Barry Gordon (part of end credits cut off) [OC/D17.2]

    MATCHES 'N MATES-Art James: One episode from 1967 [SM]

    MATCHMAKER-Dave Hull:

  • Two episodes from 1987 [both OB/353.10, 353.12]
  • A 1988 episode w/Jimmie Walker guest-hosting [OC/362.9]

    MAXIMUM DRIVE-Joe Fowler: The championship episode (and last show of the series) from 1995 [OC]


  • The first two episodes from 2007 [both OC]
  • An early 2007 episode w/slightly different rules [OC]
  • Former "J!" champ John Beck's appearance from 2007 [OC]
  • A general 2007 episode [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/TWO hilarious wrong answers in round 2! [OC]
  • Veteran GS champ Scott Hostetler's appearance from 2007 [OC]
  • A 2007 episode where the champ wins a grand total of *$0*! [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/an $11,000 maingame win [RPT]
  • A 2008 episode where Thad Novak becomes the all-time top winner w/$17,100! [RPT]
  • Two general 2008 episodes [both RPT]
  • Former "J!" champ Brendan Pimper and "WWtBaM" champ Bob House's appearance from 2008 [RPT]
  • Veteran GS champ Robert Wargo's appearance from 2008 [RPT]

    MILLION DOLLAR MIND GAME-Vernon Kay: Three episodes from 2011 [all OC]:

  • A special Air Force episode
  • An episode w/college students playing
  • Former "J!" superchamp Brad Rutter's appearance


  • The first four episodes from 2010 (first and last episodes are 2 hours, other 2 are an hour each) [all OC]
  • A general 2011 episode [OC]
  • The last episode from 2011 [OC]

    THE MILLION SECOND QUIZ-Ryan Seacrest: All 10 episodes of the series (including the 2-hour finale) from 2013 [all OC]

    MIND OF A MAN-DeRay Davis: Six episodes from 2014:

  • The premiere episode; guests are Deon Cole, Bethany Dwyer, and Alex Thomas [OC]
  • Guests are Dean Edwards, Sarah Tiana, and Damien Dante Wayans [OC]
  • Guests are Skyler Stone, Kym Whitley, and Alonzo Bodden [OC]
  • Guests are Finesse Mitchell, Bethany Dwyer, and DoBoy [OC]
  • Guests are Alonzo Bodden, Julia Lillis, and Na'im Lynn [RPT]
  • Guests are Tony Rock, Nicole Byer, and Gary Owen [RPT]

    MINDREADERS-Dick Martin: Two episodes from 1979 [both OC]:

  • The 3rd episode; guests are Nipsey Russell and Patty Duke Astin (part of opening missing) [D76.4]
  • Guests are Joyce Bulifant and Jack Jones
  • The first two minutes of an episode; guests are Brett Somers and Bill Daily

    Guy Fieri:

  • The (2-hour) 2010 premiere episode [OC]
  • A "Wedding Special" episode (w/an engaged couple playing) from 2010 [RPT]
  • A celebrity episode from 2010 w/Kevin Jonas [RPT]
  • A 2010 episode w/twins playing [OC]
  • A 2010 episode w/best friends playing [OC]
  • A special "Last Beauty Standing" episode (w/pageant winners competing) from 2010 [OC]
  • A 2010 episode w/sisters playing (end credits missing) [OC]
  • Christmas 2010 episode [OC]
  • A 2-hour episode from 2011 w/the first-ever $1,000,000 stunt [OC]
  • A general 2011 episode [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2011 w/Ryan Dunn and Steve-O [OC]
    Apollo Ohno:
  • The first taped episode from 2013 [OB]
  • The 2013 premiere episode [RPT]
  • Two general 2013 episodes [both RPT]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2014 [RPT]

    Ed McMahon:

  • The 1963 pilot; guests are Milt Kamen, Phyllis Newman, and Chester Morris [BZR] Dick Clark:
  • One episode from 1964; guests are Sam Levinson, Kaye Ballard, and Joel Grey (has time code at bottom of screen) [SC]

    Anderson Cooper:

  • All 9 episodes of the series from 2001 [all SM]
    Ahmad Rashad
    Winter 2003 ("Celebrity Mole Hawaii"):
  • All 6 episodes of the series w/Stephen Baldwin, Frederique Van der Wal, Corbin Bernsen, Kathy Griffin, Michael Boatman, Erik Von Detten, and Kim Coles [all SM]
    Winter 2004 ("Celebrity Mole Yucatan"):
  • All 7 episodes of the series w/Stephen Baldwin, Angie Everhart, Mark Curry, Ananda Lewis, Corbin Bernsen, Tracey Gold, Keshia Knight-Pulliam, and Dennis Rodman [all OC/884.1-7]
    Jon Kelly:
  • All 10 episodes of the series (except "recap" show #7) from 2008 [all OC]

    THE MOMENT OF TRUTH-Mark Walberg: The 2008 premiere episode [OC]

    MONEY FROM STRANGERS-Jeff Dye: The 2012 premiere episode [OC]

    THE MONEY LIST-Fred Roggin: Two episodes from 2009:

  • The premiere episode [OB]
  • An episode w/a $50,000 win! (small part of opening missing) [OC]

    THE MONEYMAZE-Nick Clooney: The 1974 pilot [SM/189.1]

    MONOPOLY-Mike Reilly: Seven episodes from 1990:

  • The pilot (hosted by Peter Tomarken, and begins w/a pre-show pitch by Merv Griffin) [SM]
  • The premiere episode [OC/125.8]
  • Four general episodes (one includes a promo for MG '90!) [1 SM, 1 OB/214.9, 2 OC/D35.5; D130.6]

    MOOLAH BEACH-J.D. Roth: All 6 episodes of the series from 2001 [all OC/634.1-6]

    MOTHER'S DAY-Dick Van Dyke: One episode from 1958 [OC]

    Sonny Fox:

  • One episode from 1969; guests are Dan Rowan, Greer Garson, Sharon Farrell, and Dick Martin [SM]
    Larry Blyden:
  • One episode from 1971 w/Richard Crenna/Shelley Winters/Roscoe Lee Brown vs. Fernando Lamas/Della Reese/Kurt Kasznar [SM]

    THE MOVIE MASTERS-Gene Rayburn: The 1989 premiere episode; panel is Peggy Cass, Clive Barnes, and Kitty Carlisle-Hart [OB]

    All 7 episodes of the series (including the 2-hour finale) from 2001 [episode 1 RPT/621.1, all others OC/621.2-7]

    MUSIC BINGO-Johnny Gilbert: One episode from 1958 [OC]

    MUSICAL CHAIRS-Bill Leyden:
    One episode from 1955; panel is Johnny Mercer, Mel Blanc, Helen O'Connell, and Bobby Troup [OC]

    MUSICAL CHAIRS-Adam Wade: Three episodes from 1975 [all OC]:

  • Musical guests are Irene Cara, Mary Stuart, and the Spinners (Time runs out before the bonus round can be played) [308.4]
  • An episode from the final week; musical guests are Larry Kert, Sister Sledge, and Shari Lewis (small part of opening missing; precedes the episode below)
  • An episode from the final week; musical guests are Donna Cellini, Ralph Carter, Ernestine Jackson, and Bobby Rydell (part of opening missing)

    MY DAD IS BETTER THAN YOUR DAD-Dan Cortese: One episode from 2008 [OC]

    MY GENERATION-Craig Shoemaker: Twelve episodes from 1998:

  • The first eleven episodes [all OC/177.1-11]
  • A celebrity episode w/Eddie Money & Mike Reno vs. Bernie White & Danny Hutton [RPT/768.5]

    MY KIND OF TOWN-Johnny Vaughan: The 2005 premiere episode [OC]

    Dennis James:

  • One episode from 1974 [OC]
    Tom Kennedy
    SYNDICATED, 1974-81 ("The $100,000 Name That Tune"):
  • The last 10 minutes (Golden Medley and end credits) of a 1974 episode [OB/350.5]
  • The last 8 minutes (Golden Medley and end credits) of a 1976 episode [OB]
  • A general 1976 episode (end credits missing) [OB]
  • The 100th episode from 1976 [OC]
  • A general 1977 episode (has inactive time code at bottom of screen) [SM/D8.6]
  • A partial "Second Chance Tournament" episode from 1977 (JIP at Sing-a-Tune) [OB]
  • A 1978 episode w/a "$100,000 Mystery Tune" at the end of the show (veteran GS champ Karin Rockman is a contestant!) [OC/227.3, also 350.4]
  • A general 1978 episode [OC]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1978 [OB]
  • The first-ever $100,000 championship from 1978 [OC]
  • Two general 1979 episodes [both OC]
  • The $100,000 championship from 1979 (end credits missing) [OB]
  • A 1980 episode w/the youngest contestant in the show's history! [OC]
  • Five general 1980 episodes (episode 1 JIP during Melody Roulette and has end credits partly cut off, episode 2 missing end credits) [3 SM/618.5-7, 1 OC, 1 OB]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1980 [OB]
  • The $100,000 championship from 1980 [OB]
    NBC, 1977:
  • The premiere episode [OC]
    Jim Lange ("The New $100,000 Name That Tune"):
  • Three pilot episodes from 1984 (w/the "Tune Countdown" game) [1 USA/D100.2, 2 FAM/510.5]
  • The 1984 premiere episode [USA]
  • A preliminary Super Tournament episode from 1984 [USA]
  • Two 1984 Super Tournament semi-finals episodes [both USA]
  • The 1984 Super Tournament finals w/Elena Cervantes vs. Eric Kaplan [USA/D3.4]
  • Tammy Warner's appearance from 1984 [FAM/291.1]
  • Seven general 1984 episodes [2 FAM/212.11, 3 USA/950.1, 2 OC]
  • A 1984 episode w/a contestant who falls for Jim (literally!) [FAM]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1984 (w/a classic Bid-a-Note moment!) [FAM]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1984 w/Michael Lagmay vs. Hap Trout [USA/D4.5]
  • A 1984 episode where a rare "consolation game" is played after an early Golden Medley loss [USA]
  • A 1985 episode where the Golden Medley is lost on the *1st tune*! [FAM/949.9]
  • Former "FtM" champ Tommy Simmons' appearance from 1985 [USA/949.10]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Elaine Nezworski vs. Tommy Simmons [FAM]
  • A tournament semi-finals episode from 1985 w/Myra Mossman, Steve Huard, *Tammy Warner*, and Les Gould [FAM/291.2]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Les Gould vs. Stan Mysliewic [USA/D3.5]
  • A 1985 episode w/an emotional winner [USA]
  • Four general 1985 episodes [2 OC, 2 USA]
  • "Jumpy" Art MacDonald's appearance from 1985 [FAM/1003.8]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Art MacDonald vs. Pat Chialtas [USA]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Scott Rose vs. Kirk Moore [USA/D100.3]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Richard Allegra, Carol Klein, and Marty Perdeck (Sandy Frank appears at the end!) [USA/D46.3]

    NAME THAT VIDEO-Karyn Bryant: Eleven episodes from 2001 [all RPT]:

  • The premiere episode [578.7]
  • Nine general episodes [572.3-4, 572.6-12]
  • A celebrity episode w/Uncle Kracker, Nina Gordon, and Matt Scannell [572.5]

    Robert Q. Lewis:

  • 1952; panel is Abe Burrows (AB), Joan Alexander (JA), and Bill Cullen [GSN/339.11]
  • 1952; panel is Morey Amsterdam, JA, and Bill Cullen [GSN/340.1]
  • 1952; panel is AB, JA, and Meredith Wilson (MW) [GSN/340.2]
  • The 1st anniversary episode from 1952; panel is Cliff Norton, JA, and MW [GSN]
  • 1952; panel is *Garry Moore*, JA, and MW [GSN/430.3]
  • 1952; panel is MW, JA, and Jerry Lester [GSN/340.4]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Cullen, JA, and MW [GSN/430.4]
  • A 1953 episode w/Conrad Nagle guest-hosting; panel is MW, JA, and Jerry Lester [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is MW, JA, and Carl Reiner [GSN/340.5]
  • 1953; panel is Peter Donald, JA, and MW [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is Dane Clark, JA, and Carl Reiner [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and Peter Donald (this is the first episode w/the "Secret Wish" round) [GSN/1057.1]
  • A 1953 episode w/Brian Aherne guest-hosting; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and Gene Rayburn (GR) [GSN/430.5]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and GR (features contestants named Goodson & Todman, whose namesakes also appear!) [GSN]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, Bess Myerson (BM), and Basil Rathbone (this is the first episode w/a 4-celeb panel) [GSN/340.8]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and Basil Rathbone [GSN/430.10]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and Arnold Stang [GSN/430.6]
  • A 1954 episode w/Clifton Fadiman guest-hosting (ironic, huh?); panel is JA, GR, BM, and Roger Price (RP) [GSN]
  • 1954; panel is JA, Arnold Stang, BM, and John Newland [GSN]
  • Robert's last episode from 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and RP [GSN/404.9]
    Dennis James
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and RP [GSN/339.6]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and Arnold Stang [GSN/1037.10]
  • 1955; panel is JA, GR, BM, and RP [GSN/339.7]
  • 1955; panel is RP, BM, GR (his final appearance), and JA [OC]
  • 1955; panel is JA, RP, BM, and Hy Gardner [GSN]
  • 1955; panel is JA, Hy Gardner, Audrey Meadows (AM), and RP [GSN/1037.11]
  • 1955; panel is RP, AM, John Henry Faulk, and JA [GSN]
  • 1955; panel is JA, John Forsythe, AM, and RP [GSN]
  • Dennis' last episode from 1955; panel is JA, Walter Slezak, AM, and RP [GSN/404.4]
    Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding: Two episodes from 1955 [both GSN]:
  • Panel is Laraine Day, Walter Slezak, AM, and RP [474.2]
  • Panel is JA, RP, AM, and Walter Slezak
    Clifton Fadiman: Four episodes from 1955 [all GSN]:
  • His first episode; panel is JA, Mark Connolly, AM, and RP [404.6]
  • Panel is Denise Lor, Mike Wallace, Laraine Day, and Art Carney [430.7]
  • Panel is Hildy Parks, Mike Wallace, AM, and RP [430.8]
  • The last episode; panel is JA, Mike Wallace, AM, and RP [430.9]

    NASCAR SMARTS-John Roberts: One episode from 2009 (from Texas Motor Speedway); guests are Rutledge Wood and Kyle Petty [OC]


  • Shawna Thompson vs. Keifer Thompson from 2019 [OB]
  • BC Jean vs. Mark Ballas from 2019 [OB]

    NATIONAL BINGO NIGHT-Ed Sanders: One episode from 2007 [OC]

    NATIONAL LAMPOON'S FUNNY MONEY-Jimmy Pardo: Seven episodes from 2003:

  • The pilot; guests are John Henton, Wendy Liebman, and Gary Valentine [SM]
  • The premiere episode; guests are *George Gray*, Mike Sacone, and Vinny Favorito (Kathy Griffin also appears) [OC/836.4, also SM]
  • A celebrity episode w/Fred Willard and Martin Mull; guests are Rick Overton, Sue Murphy, and Avi Liberman [SM]
  • Guests are Taylor Negron, Loni Love, and *Bil Dwyer* [RPT/854.2]
  • Guests are Greg Fitzsimmons, Magdalena, and Mark Pitta [RPT/854.6]
  • Guests are Jeff Dunham, Pam Matteson, and Bobby Collins [RPT/854.4]
  • Guests are *Ron Pearson*, Tess Drake, and Aron Kader [RPT/883.5]

    THE NEIGHBORS-Regis Philbin:

  • The 1974 pilot [SM]
  • One episode from 1975 [OB]
  • One episode from 1976 [OC]

    NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS-Marc Maron: The 2002 premiere episode [OC/702.4]

    Bob Eubanks
    ABC DAYTIME, 1966-74:

  • An early 1966 episode (Scott Beach announces, and scoring system is slightly different) [KIN/843.13]
  • One episode from 1968 [KIN]
  • "Reunion Day" from 1969 [GSN/512.3]
  • Six general 1969 episodes [1 KIN/169.15, 5 GSN/512.4-8]
  • Two general 1972 episodes [both GSN/548.2-3]
  • A general 1973 episode [GSN/575.2]
  • Christmas 1973 episode [GSN/548.4]
  • "Reunion Day" from 1974 [GSN/548.5]
  • The last episode from 1974 (ends w/a VERY emotional goodbye from Bob, and a Christmas tree-trimming ceremony that the entire staff participates in!) [GSN/418.7]
    ABC PRIMETIME, 1967-71:
  • One episode from 1968 [KIN/169.14]
  • Two general 1969 episodes [both GSN/512.1-2]
    SYNDICATED, 1977-80:
  • The 1977 premiere episode [GSN/370.7]
  • A 1977 episode where staff members come out and dance at the end! (Tony McClay announces) [GSN/168.1]
  • Seven general 1977 episodes [1 SM, 3 OC, 3 GSN/364.4; 440.4]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1977 (includes the legendary "In the Butt, Bob" answer!) [GSN/505.10]
  • The 1st season finale from 1977 [GSN]
  • The 1978-79 season premiere [GSN/573.5]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1978 (a contestant's beeper goes off during the game!) [GSN/573.6]
  • A 1978 episode w/a couple that achieves a perfect score! [GSN/1042.1]
  • Six general 1978 episodes [1 OC, 5 GSN/71.11; 477.5; 505.11]
  • Future "3's a Crowd" contestants Jane & Bob Diedrich's appearance from 1978 [GSN]
  • A 1978 episode that ends w/the credits running forwards, then again backwards(!) [GSN]
  • A 1978 episode where Tony McClay tries to take over hosting [GSN/534.5]
  • "Wild West Day" (a true classic!) from 1978 [GSN/534.6]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1979 (a blackout occurs in the middle of the game!) [GSN/404.2]
  • A 1979 episode where a husband tries to take over hosting! [GSN/811.11]
  • A general 1979 episode [GSN/117.4]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1979 [GSN/370.8]
  • The infamous Pat & Charlie Berg's appearance from 1979 [GSN/505.12]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1980 (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • Two general 1980 episodes [both GSN/321.3, 406.3]
  • The last episode from 1980 (w/a big "sign-off" [literally] at the end!) [GSN/332.1]
    SYNDICATED, 1985-88 ("The New Newlywed Game"):
  • The 1985 premiere episode [GSN/732.1]
  • A 1985 episode w/the infamous "wiener" question! [GSN]
  • Five general 1985 episodes [3 OB/144.15; 164.13-14, 1 GSN/786.4, 1 SM]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1985 [OC]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1985 [GSN/371.1]
  • A 1985 episode that ends w/Bob making a surprise "announcement" to one of the husbands [OB]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1986 [GSN/817.2]
  • Two general 1986 episodes [1 OC, 1 GSN]
  • Another "Alumni Day" episode from 1986 (w/a hilarious Freudian slip by Bob!) [GSN]
  • Two general 1987 episodes [1 OB, 1 RPT/145.14]
  • The last episode w/the orange set from 1987 [GSN/486.5]
  • The first episode w/the blue set from 1988 [GSN/526.2]
  • A 1988 episode w/Rebecca Arthur as a guest model [OB]
  • The 1988-89 season premiere (and first episode w/the "dollar" scoring format) [GSN]
  • A 1988 episode w/Shelley Taylor-Morgan as a guest model [GSN]
  • A 1988 episode w/*Jeff MacGregor* as a guest model [GSN/526.5]
  • A 1988 episode from Bob's final week [OB]
  • Bob's last episode from 1988 [GSN/548.1]
    SYNDICATED, 1997-99:
  • The entire 1997-98 season premiere week [all OC/162.1, 3, 5, 7, 9]
  • The 1998-99 season premiere (w/the new set and theme music) [OC/262.1]
  • A 1998 episode where the wives arm wrestle for a bonus prize! [GSN]
    Jim Lange:
  • The first episode (of a special week's worth of shows) from 1984 [OC/145.6]
    Paul Rodriguez:
  • His first episode from 1988 (Bob appears at the beginning, "passes the baton" to Paul, and walks him to the new set) [OB/269.3]
  • Four general 1989 episodes [all OC/146.13]
    Gary Kroeger:
  • The 1996 premiere episode [OC/D57.3]
  • A special "Wacky Weddings" episode from 1996 [OB]
  • A special "Family Edition" from 1996 (w/a couple from the original series competing against their kids and spouses!) [OC]
  • A general 1996 episode [OC]
  • A special "Just Married" episode from 1996 [OB]
  • A special "Our Favorite Losers" episode (w/former couples playing) from 1996 [OB]
  • A special "Soap Star Newlyweds" episode from 1996 w/Cynthia Watros, Brenda Epperson, and Laura Kaufman [OC]
  • A 1997 episode from Las Vegas [OC]
  • A general 1997 episode [SC/71.14]
    Carnie Wilson:
  • The 2009 premiere episode [OB]
  • A special 2009 episode w/ couples playing [RPT]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2009 [OC]
  • Two general 2009 episodes [1 OB, 1 OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2009 w/Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry, Damien Gurganious & Nicole Brewer, and George Takei & Brad Altman (the show's first-ever same sex couple!) [OC]
  • A special "Bridezillas Edition" from 2009 w/Eric & Bernadette Gbondo, Micah & Andrea Taylor, and Jesse & Valerie Nieto [OB]
  • A special "Goldyweds" episode (w/former contestants playing) from 2009 [OC]
  • *Bob Eubanks* guest-hosts this celebrity episode from 2010 w/Carnie Wilson & Rob Bonfiglio, Wendy Wilson & Dan Knutson, and Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford & Daniel Rutherford [OC]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2010 [OB]
  • A general 2010 episode [OB]
  • *Bob Eubanks* guest-hosts this "Game Show Kings" episode from 2010 w/Monty & Marilyn Hall, Peter & Laurie Marshall, and Wink & Sandy Martindale [OB]
  • A 2010 episode w/the show's first-ever civilian same-sex couple [OB]
    Sherri Shepherd:
  • Her first episode from 2010 (part of opening missing) [OB]
  • A 2011 episode from "Cost Plus World Market Week" [RPT]
  • "Maternity Day" from 2011 [RPT]
  • The first four episodes of the 3rd season from 2012 [all OC]
  • Two general 2012 episodes [both RPT]
  • Four episodes from 2013 [all OC]

    THE NEIGHBORS-Regis Philbin: The 1975 pilot [SM]

    THE NEWS HOLE-Harry Shearer:
    The 1994 premiere episode; guests are Andy Kindler, Susan Morrison, Ian Sholes, and Matt Groening [OC/361.3]

    NICK ARCADE-Phil Moore:

  • The aired pilot(?) from 1991 [GAS/698.10]
  • Two general 1991 episodes [both RPT/D72.1]
  • A special 1992 episode w/the cast of "Clarissa Explains it All" [RPT/674.13]
  • Two general 1992 episodes [1 RPT/297.11, 1 GAS/698.12]
  • A special 1992 episode w/the cast of "Salute Your Shorts" [GAS/698.11]


  • The 1992 premiere episode [RPT]
  • Two general 1992 episodes [both RPT/892.10-11]
  • A 1992 episode w/an appearance by Wendy Bruce [RPT]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1993; it's an hour-long "GUTS All-Stars special" [OC/892.4]
  • A general 1993 episode [GAS/892.12]
  • Then-unknown Mike Vogel's appearance from 1993 [RPT]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 1994; guest is Dominique Wilkins [OC/892.5]

    NIGHT GAMES-Jeff Marder: Two episodes from 1991 [both OC/146.10]

    NITRO!-Greg Lee: Three episodes from 1995:

  • The premiere episode [OB/273.5]
  • Three general episodes [all OC/D43.3, 495.6]

    N.O. IT ALLS (local New Orleans show)-Ed Daniels & Isis Casanova:

  • A general 1995 episode [OC/362.10]
  • The 1996 Tournament of Champions finals [OC/362.11]

    NO RELATION-Mike Rowe: Four episodes from 1996:

  • The premiere episode; panel is Dennis Haskins, Kate Linder, and Charlie Robinson [OC]
  • Panel is Thomas Mikal Ford, Elisa Donovan, and Jacklyn Zieman [OB/1037.12]
  • Panel is Diedrich Bader, Dawnn Lewis, and Brad Maule [OB]
  • Panel is Joshua Morrow, Nancy Valen, and Blake Clark [OB]

    Jack Narz:

  • The first two episodes from 1974 [both GSN/D16.1-2, also BZR]
  • A 1974 episode w/the first-ever Solo Round win (at the last second!) [BZR]
  • The first episode w/the 5-word Elimination Round format and prize package from 1974 [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1974 episode w/an $18,000 Solo Round win [BZR]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1974 [both GSN]
  • A 1974 episode where Jack gives away an answer! [GSN]
  • A 1974 episode w/a runaway win in the Elimination Round [GSN]
  • The first episode w/the short-lived alternate theme music from 1974 [GSN]
  • Seven general 1974 episodes [all GSN/D16.3-4, 113.7-8, 1056.4, 1057.14]
  • A 1974 episode w/the late Randy Amasia in the audience [GSN/236.1, also BZR]
  • The first episode w/the "bonus word" rule from 1974 [GSN/1057.12]
  • Veteran GS champ John Goss's appearance from 1974 [GSN/167.14]
  • A 1974 episode w/a $21,000 Solo Round win (contestant Salli Lewis was on "Wordplay" 13 years later) [GSN/229.5]
  • A 1974 episode w/a hilarious Freudian slip by Jack at the end [GSN]
  • A not-for-air "test" episode (designed to try out the new format) from 1974 [BZR]
  • The first episode w/the straddled format from 1974 [GSN/1057.13]
  • Christmas 1974 episode (w/a holiday greeting on the board) [GSN]
  • Five general 1975 episodes [4 GSN/D30.4; D66.2; 167.15, 1 BZR]
  • The last episode from 1975 [GSN/418.5]
    Chuck Henry: Twenty-eight episodes from 1989:
  • The premiere episode [OC/280.7 from US airing, also OC/D139.6 from Canadian airing]
  • The 2nd episode [OC]
  • Big winner Amanda Stewart's first appearance [OC]
  • An episode where Amanda becomes the first-ever undefeated champ w/$52,000! [OC]
  • An episode w/a $35,000 Solo Round win (precedes the episodes below) [OC/D142.1 from Canadian airing, which is missing part of Championship Round due to a CBS News special report, also OC from complete West Coast US airing]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/former "$otC" champ Alan Servetnick [both OC]
  • Eight general episodes [2 OB/D18.4; 1056.5, 6 OC/279.12; 1059.2-3]
  • An episode where Chuck gets bleeped for a slip-up while trying to say "peanuts"! [OC]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/former "Scrabble" champ John Heiner [both OC/1059.1]
  • An episode w/a rally from a $900-$0 deficit in the Championship Round [OC]
  • All of a special "Battle of the Daytime Soaps" week [all OC/94.5, 95.13, 223.10-12]
  • An episode where Brad Wood wins a record *$50,000* in the Solo Round and becomes the all-time top winner! (Former "J!" champ Paul Rouffa is a contestant) [OC]
  • Brad's final appearance [OC]
  • The last episode (w/another $35,000 Solo Round win!) [OC/280.2]

    NUMBER, PLEASE-Bud Collyer: One episode from 1961 [OC, also GSN/119.8]

    THE OBJECT IS...-Dick Clark:

  • The 1963 premiere episode; guests are Dwayne Hickman, Yvonne Craig, and Hans Conreid [KIN/1043.2]
  • 1964; guests are Barry Sullivan, Arlene Dahl, and Carl Ballantine [KIN/692.1]
  • The last two episodes from 1964; guests are Stubby Kaye and Joan Caulfield [both KIN/1003.9, 1042.2]

    OBLIVIOUS-Regan Burns: The first two episodes from 2002 [both OC/745.5-6]

    OFF THE WALL-Larry Zeno: Five episodes from 1998 [all OB]:

  • The premiere episode [234.3]
  • Three general episodes [297.6, 297.12, 297.14]
  • A "Boys vs. Girls" episode

    OH MY WORD-Jim Lange: Two episodes from 1965 [both KIN]:

  • Guests are Buddy Greco and Sal Mineo (missing final segment)
  • Guests are George Liberace and Carl Tjader

    OKAY, MOTHER-Dennis James: One episode from 1947(!) [OC]

    ON THE BEAT-Spike Davis & "La La": One episode from 2001 [OC/680.6]

    ON THE COVER-Mark L. Walberg: Five episodes from 2004 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode (w/a different announcer, set, and format than later shows) [936.2]
  • Three general episodes [963.7, 970.4, 984.3]
  • Veteran GS champ Tim Hsieh's appearance [997.8]

    ON THE SPOT (Portland, OR Q&A game)-Larry Blackmar:

  • One episode from 1985 [OC/516.6]
  • One episode from 1987 (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • One episode from 1988 [OB]

    ON THE SPOT-Eric Schwartz: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    ON YOUR ACCOUNT-Win Elliot: One episode from 1953 [OC]

    ON YOUR WAY-Bud Collyer: One episode from 1954 (missing final segment) [SC/914.14]

    1 VS. 100
    Bob Saget:

  • The 2006 premiere episode [OC]
  • A special "Las Vegas mob" episode from 2006 (w/the debut of the new look and rules) [OC]
  • Two general 2006 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/*Bob Eubanks* and *Wink Martindale* among the mob! (missing 1st min.) [RPT]
  • Christmas 2006 episode [OC]
  • A special "kid genius mob" episode from 2007 [RPT]
  • A special "last man standing" episode from 2007 [OC]
  • A general 2007 episode [OC]
  • The 1st season finale from 2007 [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2008 (w/the first-ever $1,000,000 win!) [OC]
  • A general 2008 episode [OC]
  • A special "pop culture" episode from 2008 (w/appearances by Jeremy Miller and Charlene Tilton) [OC]
  • The last episode from 2008 [OC]
    Carrie Ann Inaba: Three episodes from 2010:
  • The premiere episode [OC]
  • Two general episodes [1 OB, 1 OC]

    100%-Casey Kasem: Twelve episodes from 1998:

  • The pilot (w/Mark Henning as the off-camera host and a different set and music), preceded by a 3-minute promo/pitchfilm [SM/327.2]
  • Six general episodes [3 OC/428.1-3, 3 SM/528.6; 1046.1]
  • Five consecutive (and never aired) episodes w/ATGS's Brian Hamburg [all SM/528.1-5]

    101 WAYS TO LEAVE A GAME SHOW-Jeff Sutphen: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS-J.D. Roth: The 2008 premiere episode [OC]

    OUTRAGEOUS!-Idalis DeLeone: The 1998 premiere episode [OC/290.6]

    PANTOMIME QUIZ-Mike Stokey:

  • The 1950 (national) premiere episode; guests are Adele Jergens, Frank DeVol, Hans Conried, Vincent Price, Marilyn Maxwell, Ella Ring, Howard DeSilva, and Walter Brennan [OC]
  • 1951; guests are Adele Jergens, Hans Conried, Vincent Price, Jackie Coogan, Jean Wallace, Frank DeVol, Dorothy Patton, and Greg McClure [OB]
  • 1954; guests are Jackie Coogan, Frank DeVol, Adele Jergens, Fred Clark, Marie Windsor, Fritz Feld, Glenn Langan, and Paul Cavanaugh [OB]
  • 1954; guests are Adele Jergens, Vincent Price, Jackie Coogan, Fritz Feld, Gale Storm, Bruce Bennett, Peggy Dow, and Jack Smith [OB]
  • 1955; guests are Richard Egan, Elaine Stritch, Phyllis Kirk, Jerry Lester, Dorothy Hart, Lori Nelson, Hans Conreid, and *Peter Donald* (Mike REALLY gets nasty at times!) [OC]

    PARADISE RUNDaniella Monet:

  • The 2016 premiere episode [OB]
  • A general 2016 episode [OB]
  • A special 2016 episode w/Nickelodeon stars playing [OB]

    PARANOIA-Peter Tomarken: Three episodes from 2000 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode (w/a hilarious blooper going into the 1st break!) [445.2]
  • An episode w/a $97,000 win [454.1]
  • The last episode (w/former "TJW '90" contestant Michael Newkirk, and Peter gets a bit emotional at the end!) [456.4]

    THE PARENT GAME-Clark Race: Three episodes from 1972 [all GSN]:

  • The premiere episode (may be pilot; has different theme music than later shows) [139.3]
  • Two general episodes [404.8, 406.4]

    PASS THE BUCK-Bill Cullen: Nine episodes from 1978:

  • The premiere episode [GSN/D149.5]
  • Two consecutive episodes where the largest maingame bank ever is won [both GSN]
  • A general episode [SM]
  • Four consecutive episodes [all GSN/173.7-10]
  • An episode w/TWO Fast Buck wins! [GSN/371.2]

    PASS TIME-Brett Wagner:

  • The 2008 premiere episode [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Military Week" [OC]
  • One episode from 2011 [OC]


    PAWNOGRAPHY-Christopher Titus:

  • The first two episodes from 2014 [both RPT]
  • The first two episodes of the second season from 2014 [both RPT]

    PAY CARDS!-Art James:

  • One episode from 1969 w/Celeste Holm as a celebrity player [SM/1042.7]
    1981-82 ("Super Pay Cards!"):
  • Former "TPiR" contestant Susanne Seelig's appearance from 1981 [both OC]
  • A 1981 episode where the game ends in a tie [OC]
  • A 1981 episode where Art wears an extremely LOUD jacket! [RPT/D143.6]
  • A 1981 episode where the game is decided before round 3 [RPT/214.4]
  • Eight general 1981 episodes [2 SM, 7 RPT/D143.5; 214.5; 224.10, 256.7]
  • The infamous "crockpot" episode from 1981 [RPT/224.11]
  • A 1981 episode w/future "New Chain Reaction" contestant Darnley Holder [RPT/D25.4]
  • The "Science vs. Arts" episode from 1981 (Art has an awkward moment during the bonus round!) [OB/225.3]

    PAY IT OFF-Kim Coles: One episode from 2010 [OC]

    PDQ-Dennis James:
    The 1965 pilot; guests are Stubby Kaye, Dick Patterson, and Gisele Mackenzie [SM/747.7]

    PEER PRESSURE-Nick Spano & Valerie Miller: The 1997 premiere episode [OC/105.1]

    PENNY TO A MILLION-Bill Goodwin:

  • The 1954 pilot (hosted by Bud Collyer) [SM/692.2]
  • Three episodes from 1955 [all OC/622.3-4, also have colorized copy of one]


  • 1998; guests are Frank Schofield, Nancy Eshelman, and Fred Lipkin [OB/292.1]
  • 1999; guests are Dinty W. Moore (no, not THAT one!), Kris Clark, and Charles Dumas (no audio first 30 seconds or so, fades in and out for several minutes thereafter) [OB/368.8]
  • 2000; guests are Chauncey Ross, Dandelion, and Steve Wagner [OB/729.7]
  • 2000; guests are Peter Cook, D.L. McGann, and Scott Manning [RPT/623.2]

    PEOPLE ARE FUNNY-Art Linkletter:

  • The first sixteen episodes from 1954 [all KIN]
  • A 1957 episode w/a $10,000 win! [OC, also have colorized copy]
  • One episode from 1958 [OB]
  • One episode from 1959 [OB]

    PERFECT MATCH-Bob Goen: The 1986 premiere episode (has "ghosts" in picture) [OB/D48.3]

    THE PERFECT MATCH-Dick Enberg:

  • The 1967 premiere episode (possibly pilot; has slightly different set, intro and music than later shows) [GSN/103.1]
  • A general 1967 episode [GSN/340.6]
  • A celebrity episode from 1968 w/Linda Kaye Henning and Dick Hunt [GSN/371.5]
  • A celebrity episode from 1968 w/Sandy Baron, Will Hutchins, and Andrew Prine [GSN/322.4]

    PERFECT SCORE-Arielle Kebbel: Two episodes from 2013 [1 RPT, 1 OC]

    A PERFECT SCORE-Jeff Marder: Two episodes from 1992 [both OC/D71.2]

    PERSONALITY-Larry Blyden:
    One episode from 1969; guests are Jack Cassidy, Joan Rivers, and Flip Wilson (Shirley Jones appears via videotape) [GSN/D149.3]

    PERSONALS-Michael Burger: Three episodes from 1991 [1 OB/D40.2, 2 OC]

    PICK YOUR BRAIN-Marc Summers: Three episodes from 1993 [2 OB/214.7; 892.7, 1 OC]

    PICTIONARY-Brian Robbins: Two episodes from 1989 [both OC]:

  • The premiere episode [108.1]
  • A partial episode

    PICTIONARY-Alan Thicke:

  • The 1997 premiere episode; guests are Kelly Packard, Michael Gelman, Caroline Rhea, and Brian Austin Green [OC/111.2]
  • 1997; guests are Allison Sweeney, Victoria Rowell, Bill Maher, and Erik Estrada (Includes the infamous Estrada-Maher "knockout" blooper!) [OC/111.3]
  • Aaron Solomon's two appearances from 1997; guests are Susan Ruttan, Corbin Bernsen, Jackie Zieman, and Stephen J. Cannell [both OC/121.1-2]
  • 1997; guests are Kiana Tom, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Kim Alexis, and Dan McVicar (part of opening missing) [OB/328.1]
  • Carl "Rialtus" Knecht's appearance from 1997; guests are Lauralee Bell, Young MC, Lisa Canning, and Geraldo Rivera [OC/126.2]
  • Jade Mills' appearance from 1997; guests are Tai Babilonia, Randy Gardner, Dustin Diamond, and Kristoff St. John (end credits missing) [OB/158.3]
  • 1998; guests are Melba Moore, Brook Lee, *Ben Stein*, and Jim J. Bullock [OB/408.10]
  • 1998; guests are Judy Tenuta, Tia & Tamera Mowry, and Frances Fisher [RPT/538.2]
  • A 1998 episode from Universal Studios Florida; guests are Dionne Warwick, Lark Voorhies, Melody Thomas Scott, and Andrew Keegan [OC/377.1]
  • 1998; guests are Rosie O'Donnell, Sally Struthers, Vicki Lawrence, and Rita Coolidge (grainy video, audio problem first minute or so, part of end credits cut off) [OB/297.4]
  • 1998; guests are Joanna Kerns, Terri Murphy, Windsor Harmon, and Richard Simmons [RPT/211.1]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) from 1998; guests are Dave Koz, Tommy Ford, Clifton Davis, and Joan Embery [OC]

    PICTURE THIS-Jerry Van Dyke: One episode from 1963; guests are Alan Young and William Bendix [OC]

    PICTUREKA!-Cory Almeida:

  • The 2010 premiere episode [OC]
  • Three general 2010 episodes [all OC]
  • Christmas 2010 episode [OC]

    PITFALL-Alex Trebek:

  • An early 1981 episode (has minor glitches throughout, but watchable) [RPT/256.11]
  • The infamous "Dancing Alex" episode from 1981 (w/one STUPID contestant!) [RPT/D139.5]
  • Three general 1981 episodes [1 OB/220.3, 2 RPT/D20.2; D21.3]
  • A 1981 episode w/a rather forgetful contestant (includes a promo for "Jackpot and "The New Chain Reaction", plus a "Jackpot" contestant plug!) [RPT/D20.1]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1982 (now w/the $2,500 grand prize) [all OC]

    Jack Smith:

  • One episode from 1953; guests are Max Baer and Marilyn Maxwell (has inactive time code on screen) [OC/1042.5]
    Bill Cullen:
  • One episode from 1954; guests are Joanne Gilbert and Xavier Cugat [OC]

    PLAY THE PERCENTAGES-Geoff Edwards: Twenty-one episodes from 1980:

  • The premiere episode (contestant Brian Smith was on "The $25K Pyramid" nearly 3 years later) [USA, also GSN/339.4]
  • The 5th episode (precedes the episode below) [USA/D2.1]
  • The first episode w/the revised jackpot system [USA]
  • An episode where Geoff almost gives away an answer in the bonus game [USA]
  • An episode w/a $36,000 jackpot win! [USA/208.4]
  • A general episode [GSN]
  • Three consecutive episodes (episode 1 includes a ticket plug, episode 2 has a $13,000 jackpot win, and Geoff gives away an answer in episode 3!) [all USA/1003.14]
  • The last episode w/the original bonus game (Geoff grapples w/a REALLY long Italian name during game 2!) [GSN]
  • The first two episodes w/the 6-answer bonus game (contestant Joel Palmer was on "Double Dare" 3 1/2 years earlier) [both USA]
  • An episode w/a bonus game loss on the FIRST answer! [USA]
  • The last two episodes w/the couples format [both USA]
  • The first episode w/the solo player format [USA]
  • An episode w/the first-ever "jump-in" playoff [USA]
  • Two general solo format episodes [both USA/208.9, 1056.2]
  • The first few minutes of an episode (ends just after 1st break) [OC]
  • The last episode [OC]

    PLAY YOUR HUNCH-Merv Griffin
    CBS DAYTIME, 1958-60:

  • The 1958 pilot (has time code at bottom left corner of screen) [SM/315.2]
  • A general 1958 episode [GSN/D44.1]
  • One episode from 1960 [GSN]
    NBC PRIMETIME, 1960:
  • Guest is Jaye P. Morgan [GSN/1042.4]
  • Guest is Jonathan Winters [BZR]
    NBC PRIMETIME, 1962:
  • The premiere episode [OC, also have colorized copy]

    POCKET MONEY (New England sports quiz)-"Fitzy": One episode from 2009 [RPT]

    Kevin Nealon:

  • The 2004 premiere episode [SM]
  • The next-to-last episode from 2005 [OC/1013.4]
  • The $100,000 championship episode from 2005 [OC/1013.6]
    Tom Leykis & Kennedy ("Poker Royale: Battle of the Sexes"): Five episodes from 1995 [all OC]:
  • The first two episodes [1014.1, 1014.3]
  • Two general episodes [1039.2, 1039.4]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [1039.5]
    John Ahlers & Lisa Dergan
    Spring 2005 ("Poker Royale: The James Woods Gang vs. The Unabombers"):
  • The premiere episode [SM]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [RPT/1041.1]
    Summer 2005 ("Poker Royale: Comedians vs. Pros"):
  • Seven preliminary episodes [all RPT]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [RPT]
    Fall 2005 ("Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages"):
  • The first two episodes [both OC/1041.2-3]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [OC/1041.4]
    Late Fall 2005 ("Poker Royale: Young Bloods II"):
  • The sole 2-hour episode [RPT]

    PONTOON PAYDAY-Frank Nicotero: The 2015 premiere episode [RPT]


  • 1983; musical guests are Irene Cara and Oingo Boingo (glitches at points, part of end credits cut off) [OC/157.3]
  • 1984; musical guests are Jack Mack & the Heart Attack and the Commodores [OC/794.11]

    POWER OF 10-Drew Carey:

  • The first two episodes from 2007 (episode 2 missing last 3 min.) [both OC]
  • Two general 2007 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/two "Big Brother 8" housemates as contestants [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2008 [OC]
  • A general 2008 episode [OC]
  • The last two episodes (which were never aired on CBS!) from 2008 [both GSN]

    Peter Tomarken:

  • The 1983 pilot (w/a slightly different format and theme mix) [SM/163.5]
  • The 1983 premiere episode [OC/693.3, also BZR, w/better video quality]
  • A 1983 episode where Robert Ennis becomes the first-ever undefeated champion [BZR]
  • Three consecutive 1983 episodes w/future GS announcer Randy West [first 2 OC/724.9; 843.14, last GSN, also have all 3 from BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where Rod screws up Peter's intro [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where Peter almost takes a fall going to commercial! [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode w/the second-ever car hit [OC, also USA/197.1]
  • A 1983 episode that ends w/the first-ever tie [OC, also BZR]
  • The "rematch" episode from 1983 that followed above [OC, also BZR]
  • Veteran GS champ Mark Leinwand's first appearance from 1983 [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode w/future "Super Password" and "Card Sharks" champ Kim Oliver [OC, also BZR]
  • Two consecutive 1983 episodes where "TV Game Show Contestant Guidebook" author Dave Wagner becomes the top winner to date w/$35,000+! [both OC/780.12]
  • Eight general 1983 episodes [2 OC, 3 USA/197.3, 3 BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where *10* Whammies are hit! [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where Helen Reiner becomes the new top winner w/$40,000+! [USA/948.11, which is missing most of final segment, also OC and BZR, both complete]
  • A 1983 episode w/10-time GS contestant Scott Hostetler [USA/940.7, also OC and BZR, w/better video quality]
  • A 1983 episode w/future "$otC" champ Greg Rhoden [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where NO Whammies are hit during the entire game! [BZR]
  • Christmas 1983 episode (the Whammies sing carols at the end!) [OC, also USA/197.2]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant breaks the buzzer at the end of round 1! [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode w/one of the BEST comebacks in PYL history! [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant "shoots" the Whammy (intro/end credits missing) [USA/834.11]
  • A 1984 episode where Susan Veets sets a new one-day record of $25,603 AND becomes the new top winner w/almost $44,000! [USA/197.4, which is missing end credits, also OC and BZR, complete]
  • A 1984 episode w/future "$100K Pyramid" champ Rich Mahaffey [OC, also GSN/708.4]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/future "CS" champ Mac McHugh (NO Whammies are hit in episode 1, and "Pick-a-Corner" debuts in episode 2!) [both OC, also BZR and have episode 1 from GSN/935.8]
  • A 1984 episode where all 3 players only earn ONE spin each for round 2! [OC, also BZR]
  • The first two episodes w/the "Double Your $$" space from 1984 (Maggie Brown makes her first appearance in episode 2) [both OC, also GSN/646.9; 782.4 and BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where *10* Whammies are hit and the board freezes during round 2 [OC, also USA/197.5]
  • A 1984 episode w/an $18,000+ loss! [GSN/646.10]
  • A 1984 episode w/screaming Karen Martin as a contestant [GSN/636.7, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where the game goes down to an exciting seesaw battle! [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode w/multiple technical errors and frozen board spaces [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where a player earns 12 spins in one round (for the first time ever!) [GSN/646.11]
  • A 1984 episode where Rick Perrie retires undefeated w/$39,000+ [GSN/646.12]
  • A 1984 episode w/the first-ever contestant to play against the house! (precedes the episode below) [GSN/666.10, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where Becky Steeler sets a new one-day record of $33,410! [GSN/708.5, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant wins by *$10*! [BZR]
  • Six general 1984 episodes [4 OC/499.11; 683.2, 1 USA, 1 GSN]
  • A 1984 episode where Cindy Waits beomes the 3rd-biggest (pre-Larson) winner! (missing final segment) [BZR]
  • Both parts of all-time champ Michael Larson's reign of terror from 1984 [both OB/71.5-6, also BZR; for the latter, have regular copies and ones w/added onscreen trivia graphics]
  • A 1984 episode where the board FREEZES near the end of round 2! (end credits missing) [USA/197.6]
  • A 1984 episode w/a $30,000+ loss! [SM/763.10]
  • The last episode w/the Larsen board patterns from 1984 [USA/197.7]
  • A 1984 episode w/a one-day win of $27,000+! [GSN/940.1]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1984 w/crazy Gene Snyder [episode 1 USA/602.5, episode 2 GSN/708.6]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant hits 4 Whammies in a row! [GSN/834.12]
  • A 1984 episode that ends w/the first ever 3-way $0 tie! [GSN/676.11]
  • The "rematch" episode from 1984 that followed above [GSN/676.12]
  • A 1984 episode w/John Harlan announcing [OC/602.6]
  • Christmas 1984 episode (w/holiday-themed Whammies) [GSN/708.8]
  • New Year's episode from 1984 (w/Peter in a tux) [GSN/935.9]
  • A 1985 episode w/11 Whammies hit (and a $0 win!) [USA/602.7, also GSN/940.3]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1985 w/Jennie (Jenny) Jones as a contestant [both GSN/940.4-5]
  • A 1985 episode w/Myke "Gemini" Horton (from American Gladiators) as a contestant [USA/197.9]
  • A 1985 episode w/an appearance by set designer Ed Flesh's dog, Press Your Luck [GSN/940.6]
  • Foul-mouthed Jim Hess's appearance from 1985 (listen for his faintly audible swearing at the end of the game!) [USA/197.10]
  • A 1985 episode that ends w/Peter reading a poem by ATGS's T. Jay Dexter (for which Rod Roddy is seen on-camera; precedes the episode below) [OC/780.13, also USA/197.11]
  • A 1985 episode where *11* Whammies are hit! (small part of opening messed up) [USA/197.12]
  • Three 1985 episodes from "College Week" [2 RPT, 1 USA/495.4]
  • A 1985 episode w/a GREAT contestant named Damon [OB/71.7]
  • A 1985 episode w/a $20,000+ loss [USA/834.13]
  • The infamous "Sylvester" episode from 1985 (w/a hilarious phone cameo by Mel Blanc at the end!) [USA/D46.1]
  • A 1985 episode where a contestant wins by *$3*! [GSN/935.11]
  • A 1985 episode w/some "Whammybusters" in the audience (were they off-duty during round 2?) [USA/97.1]
  • Thirteen general 1985 episodes [1 OC, 8 USA/71.16; 197.8; 198.5; 198.7; 198.13; 214.6, 4 GSN]
  • July 4, 1985 episode (w/Peter in a red, white and blue bow tie and a BIG Whammy loss!) [BZR]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1985 w/Steve "Big Bucks and NO Whaaaaaamiiiiieeees!" Bryant (Steve plays against the house in episode 2!) [all USA/198.2-4]
  • A 1985 episode w/a HUGE loss! [GSN/935.10]
  • A 1985 episode w/a contestant who hits 4 Whammies in a row! (missing intro) [USA/197.13]
  • A 1985 episode where the board slides blow near the end [USA/907.9]
  • A 1985 episode from "Teen Week" (JIP at 1st spin round) [USA/602.13]
  • A 1985 episode w/a $25,000+ loss [USA/834.14, also 978.2]
  • The first episode w/the "Add-a-One" space from 1985 [OB/198.6]
  • A 1985 episode w/a big "Add-a-One" hit [USA/978.3]
  • Halloween 1985 episode (w/an on-camera appearance by Rod Roddy) [GSN/870.6]
  • A 1985 episode where a contestant plays against the house! [USA/198.1]
  • A 1985 episode w/an all-cash "Big Money Home Player Spin" board at the end [USA/602.14, also GSN]
  • A 1985 episode where Peter's birthday is acknowledged [GSN]
  • Christmas 1985 episode (w/Rod as Santa, Peter in sleepwear, and an appearance by his 2 daughters at the end!) [OB, also GSN]
  • New Year's Eve 1985 episode (w/Peter in a tux) [GSN]
  • A 1986 episode w/an on-camera appearance by Rod Roddy (preceded by a promo for "Card Sharks"; end credits missing) [OC]
  • A 1986 episode that ends w/a 3-way $0 tie! [USA/71.8]
  • The "rematch" episode from 1986 that followed above [USA/782.5]
  • A 1986 episode where 2 players Whammy out (one of whom hits 4 Whammies in a row!) [OC/834.1, also GSN]
  • A 1986 episode where a contestant overcomes 3 Whammies to win $33,380! [GSN]
  • A 1986 episode w/TWO big losses! [USA/198.12]
  • A 1986 episode w/a $0 win [USA/907.2]
  • A 1986 episode w/a big "Add-a-One" hit [USA/906.10]
  • Nine general 1986 episodes [6 USA/D126.3; 198.8-9; 198.14; 213.2; 550.5, 3 OC/1027.1]
  • A 1986 episode w/a HUGE "Double Your $$" hit [USA/870.7]
  • A 1986 episode w/a record total is achieved in round 1! [GSN]
  • A 1986 episode where a contestant wins by *$68*! [USA/907.8]
  • A 1986 episode where Peter gives away his clothes at the beginning! [USA/907.1]
  • A 1986 episode w/a $13,000 loss [OC/1027.2]
  • The 700th episode from 1986 [USA]
  • A 1986 episode w/the infamous "falling N" blooper [OC/708.9]
  • Big winner Annmarie Caretta's first appearance from 1986 [USA]
  • Annmarie's final appearance from 1986 (she becomes the 2nd all-time top winner w/almost $62,000!) [USA/198.10]
  • A 1986 episode w/an exciting game and a $24,247 win [USA]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) from 1986 [OC/299.10]
    Todd Newton ("Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck"):
  • The 2002 pilot (hosted by Peter Tomarken and w/some format differences) [SM]
  • The first taped episode from 2002 (w/a slightly different set and rules) [OC/736.5]
  • The 2002 premiere episode [OC/716.2]
  • Former classic PYL champ Scott Hostettler's appearance from 2002 [OB/725.7]
  • Five general 2002 episodes [2 SM, 1 OB/725.6; 1 OC/728.2; 1 RPT/776.10]
  • A 2002 episode where *11* Whammies are hit! [RPT/805.4]
  • A special Mother's Day celebrity episode from 2002 w/Karen Grassle, Estelle Harris, and Mimi Kennedy (Todd's mom appears to read a question in round 2!) [OB/725.8]
  • Halloween 2002 episode (w/everyone in costume) [OC/760.3]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2003; it's a special St. Patrick's Day episode [RPT/816.1]
  • A special "reunion" episode from 2003 w/Ed Long, Janie Dakan, and James Larson (Michael's brother) as contestants (Peter Tomarken returns to host the question round!) [RPT/816.2]
  • April Fool's Day 2003 episode (w/Graham Elwood hosting) [OC/816.3]
  • Four general 2003 episodes [1 SM, 3 RPT/805.12; 816.10; 816.12]
  • A 2003 episode w/the 1st-ever car win! [RPT/836.1]
  • A special "Tournament of Losers" episode from 2003 [OC/842.4]
  • The 2003 Tournament of Champions finals (and last show of the series, w/an appearance by Tom Carney of Suzuki Motors at the end) [OC/842.6]
    Elizabeth Banks:
  • A special "sneak preview" episode from 2019 [OC]
  • The 2019 premiere episode [OC]
  • Three general 2019 episodes [all OB]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2020 [OC]
  • A special Independence Day-themed episode from 2020 [OC]

    PRESSURE COOKER-Chris Durham: One episode from 1998 [OC/276.6]

    PRESSURE 1-Mark Long:

  • The 1999 premiere episode [OC/384.8]
  • Two general 1999 episodes [both OC/389.10, 394.8]
  • A general 2000 episode (Costas speaks during a "Wall of Shame" bumper!) [RPT/496.6]

    PROFESSOR YES 'N' NO-Bill Cullen: One episode from 1953 (15 min.) [KIN]

    Marc Istook:
    Four episodes from 2017 [all OB]:

  • The premiere episode; teams are Kira Soltanovich/Tony Baker/Ryan Stout vs. Daphnique Springs/Becky Robinson/Brian Monarch
  • Tony Baker/Lachlan Patterson/Chris Fairbanks vs. Nina Daniels/Chrissie Mayr/*Chris Wylde*
  • Kelsey Cook/Esther Ku/Taylor Tomlinson vs. Trey Elliot/Steve Hofstetter/Kabir Singh
  • *Ben Gleib*/Maggie Maye/Heather McDonald vs. KC Arora/Chris Franjola/Charles McBee
    Melissa Peterman: Four episodes from 2018:
  • The premiere episode w/Chris Kattan & Daphnique Springs vs. Heather McDonald & Chris Franjola [OB]
  • Nicole Sullivan & Hal Sparks vs. Charles McBee & Kelsey Cook [OB]
  • *Ben Gleib* & Jamie Kennedy vs. Luenell & Heather McDonald [OC]
  • Becky Robinson & Loni Love vs. Finesse Mitchell & Chris Franjola [OC]

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